Ask Gabriel

Q: Can you suggest a lipliner to match the lipsticks?
A: Yes, here you go!
Gabriel Coordinating Lip Shades
Lipstick | Liner | Gloss
Aurora | Nutmeg | Champagne
Clay | Wine | Soft Berry
Copper Glaze | Berry | Ambrosia
Currant | Red (warm) or Berry (cool) | Ambrosia
Dune | Nutmeg | Diva
Maple Shimmer | Spice | Mocha Ice
Matte Cerise | Chestnut | Caramel
Matte Rose | Red | Champagne
Matte Spice | Spice | Mocha Ice
Mauve | Berry | Soft Berry Nude | Nutmeg | Nectar
Pomegranate | Red | Nectar
Raisin | Wine or Berry | Soft Berry
Rosewood | Berry | Ambrosia
Salmon | Spice | Ambrosia or Champagne
Santa Fe | Red | Mocha Ice
Seashell | Nutmeg | Ambrosia
Sheer pink | Berry | Ambrosia
Sheer rose | Red | Champagne
Taupe | Nutmeg | Venus
Tea rose | Red | Ambrosia
Velour | Wine or Berry | Soft Berry
Walnut | Spice | Mocha Ice
Wild orchid | Spice | Nectar
ZUZU LUXE Coordinating Lip Shades
Lipstick | Liner | Gloss
Allure | Bounce | Mischief
Beso Beso | Fraise | Mischief
Chocolate Cherry | Cappuccino | Tempest
Dollhouse Pink | Fraise | Cosmopolitan
Femme Fatale | Port | Mania
Galaxy | Bounce | Mischief
Golden Bronze | Terra Cotta | Bronzite
Icon | Innocence | Dolce Vita
Indulgence | Bounce | Mischief
Lux | Innocence | Tempest
Obsession | Port | Mischief
Patina | Fresh | Liquid Bliss or Dolce Vita
Sazerac | Terra Cotta | Luscious
Siesta | Terra Cotta | Bronzite
Sin | Hazelnut | Tango
Siren | Hazelnut | Caliente
Starlet | Cherry | Caliente
Temptress | Innocence | Liquid Bliss
Truth or Dare | Fraise | Divinity
Uber | Fresh | Crystal
Ultra Suede | Terra Cotta | Bronzite
Ultra Violet | Fraise | Cosmopolitan
Vegas | Terra Cotta | Crystal
Vino De Amor | Port | Mischief
Q: What are your travel must haves?
A: Great question! Let me break it down…
Travel Essentials
Moisturize! Flying and climate changes can dry out your skin; I always pack my moisturizer and RX Stick (exclusive to collection) to keep my skin and lips moisturized as well as our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist
Bonus: Gabriel Organics moisturizers are 2oz and can be carried on most airlines! Plus we have 2 oz. travel sizes of our tonics too!
Tip: Always travel with a water bottle; hydration is key to great skin.
Express Beauty! The Multi Pot is so versatile; it is perfect for traveling light or when you have limited time and space) as it can be applied on your eyes, lips and cheeks.
Tip: use primer to lock the color in place from morning to night and city to city!
Freshen Up! To freshen up I like to sprits our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist for a quick burst of hydration on my skin. The fresh scent is the perfect pick me up when traveling either by plane, train or automobile. 
Take Off! If you are like me, you may not want to go through your nightly skincare routine while travelling so I pack Our ZZL cosmetic wipes for easy removal! Then I apply my moisturizer and RX Stick and call it a night!
Extra! I cannot handle looking down at chipped polish, I try to travel with a bottle of nail polish so I can touch up in a pinch. If that is not possible I do a quick and easy removal with nail polish remover pads! Best part, both are safe to throw in your carry on!

Q: I love your new blue eyeshadows but have not idea how to apply them, any tips?
A: Yes!

Blue Shadows

When wearing blue eye shadow it is best to wear two shades of blue, a softer blue like ZuZu Luxe Breeze and a bolder blue like ZuZu Luxe Calypso. Apply the soft blue over the entire eye lid (up to crease if that is too much for you), next apply the bolder blue in the crease to define the eyes.

Tip: blend, blend, blend

Blue Eyeliner

Another way to get in on the trend is to rim your eyes in a vivid blue eyeliner. ZuZu Luxe Azure is a vibrant blue that adds the perfect pop of color! If you are feeling a little timid about the bold blue you can still indulge just keep the liner to your lower lash line.

Tip: black eyeliner is too severe with all blue shadow

Blue Mascara

With the emphasis of rich blues on the eyes it is best to go easy on the fringe. Just add a few swipes of mascara.  A deep blue such as ZuZu Luxe mascara in navy blends beautifully.

Tip: cooler shades of blue will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

Nude Lips

Glossy nude lips look gorgeous with this springs blues! I use ZuZu Luxe lip liner in Fresh all over the lips, this will define the lips and give an even finish. I then apply ZuZu Luxe Lip Gloss in Crystal to keep the look young and fresh.

Tip: this speason let your eyes do the talking!

Q: When using the Multi Pot as a cream blush should it be applied over or under powder?
A: Over powder, otherwise powder will dull the effect.

Q: How can you achieve that big and bold lash trend without clumping or going overboard?
A: Follow these steps:
1.    Line the root of your eyelashes with eyeliner
2.    Curl your eyelashes
3.    Use a brush to dust your eyelashes with translucent powder
4.    Apply several coats of your favorite mascara


Q: Is there a technique you can use to get more out of your mascara?
A: Start applying mascara at the inner corner lashes by sweeping your wand towards the bridge of your nose multiple times. Then switch to the outer half of your lashes and sweep the wand towards your temples. Make sure to wiggle that wand back and forth in a zig zag the whole time! Finish the look by applying one coat to lower lashes.