August 2014

 I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying my new classic pallette.  The colors are perfect for this pale redhead.  They effortlessly go from day to night with just a change of lipstick. ~ Leesa

July 2014

  I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Gabriel himself and his company as a whole.  As an aware consumer everywhere I look, there are bad ingredients in pretty much everything! I'm so glad that I found this company for my cosmetics! Even when I call to inquire about an ingredient the customer service is amazing and my question is answered by Gabriel himself! What a wonderful company! I appreciate that as a company you have a conscience and care about your consumers and their well being. 

Best regards,

June 2014

  A while back I sent you my "review" of Gabriel Foundation.  Well I'm back to sing your praises again.  I've been looking for a mineral powder foundation for the summer, and yes, I realize you say that your powder can be used that way, but I figured it couldn't possibly cover the redness in my complexion, so I looked elsewhere.  I was in the department store and saw Bare Minerals and decided to give it a try.  Long story short, I was so disappointed.  It looked powdery, seemed to magnify my pores and the color was horrible - my choices seemed to be either too light or something with an orangey base to it. I went with medium and wore it to church yesterday and again to work today - but I wasn't really happy with it. This evening when I got home from work I decided to do half of my face in Gabriel powder and half in Bare Minerals.  I went in to my grandsons room (he's 20 so he's no child) and said, "Look at my face, which side looks better."  He immediately, without hesitation picked the Gabriel side!  So had I, I just wanted "outside confirmation".  So I'm here to say, your makeup is the best, the feel, the texture the COLOR and how healthy it is for my skin are amazing.  Thanks Again! I love all of your products they're just the best. 

June 2014

  I had to write to tell you how awesome your color correcting primer is!  I bought the one for blotchiness, as I have a moderate case of rosacea and my face is always red.  I was shocked how well just the primer covers my redness!  The first product I've used that's actually dimmed my rosacea!  Takes very little product, too, just a pea size amount covers my entire face.  VERY happy.  I also use the ZuZu powder foundation, the mascara, the eye liner liquid and pencil, innocence lip liner and a lip gloss.  Great products.  LOVE the powder foundation but may have a new favorite with the primer!  Thanks. ~ Julie

May 2014

I love your line!! I have been using Gabriel for 1 year now. I tell everyone about it, friends, family, teachers, colleagues, and anyone who will listen to me. I have a background in the arts and theater so I love make up. Thank you!


May 2014

 Hello Gabriel,

I personally have suffered from acne for 18 years.  Doctor after doctor prescribed every anti-biotic under the sun, to which I now have an immunity to several!  After university, I went back to school to become an aesthetician so that I may learn how I can manage my breakouts.  It wasn't until I started to research and learn more about true "natural" health and remedies.  I have completely changed my lifestyle, and Gabriel Cosmetics has become one of my FAVORITE products!